Schedule Updates
The ticket copy that is generated on your web browser for printing when you click "Submit" on our order form contains some important information about show time, suggested check in time, studio location and parking information as well as a "waiver" (copied below) that pertains to your participation and presence in the studio audience.

If you did not print your ticket(s) after submitting your order on our website or have misplaced your tickets, you may still check in with our pages at the studio under your name(s). All guests age 18+ should be prepared to present a valid, government issued Photo ID at check in. If you need a location map and/or parking and check in information for specific studios, click here to access our "Studio Locations" page. Minimum age restrictions for admission are posted here.

Please review this important information about attending the shows that is included with all ticket printouts.

* ARRIVAL/CHECK-IN: We suggest that you arrive and check in no less than 60 minutes* prior to the scheduled show time; however, some ticket holders may choose to arrive earlier. Everyone in your party must be present to receive consecutive line numbers. See the map below (included w/ticket printouts) or our website's Studio Locations page for parking and check-in information.

* PHOTO ID REQUIREMENTS: Security regulations vary; however, all guests age 18 and over should be prepared to present a valid, government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, state ID, military) if requested at check-in.

* MINIMUM AGE: Guests under the minimum age posted for the show will not be admitted. Being accompanied by a parent or guardian does not waive the minimum age restriction. For shows that have a minimum age for admission under 18, guests at or over the minimum age - but under 18 - must be accompanied by an adult.

* SECURITY NOTICE: Studio policies prohibit visitors from possession or use of alcohol, drugs, firearms, knives, chemical sprays and weapons of any sort anywhere on studio premises. Any violation may result in immediate removal. In addition to weapons noted above, cellphones, cameras, large bags, backpacks and recording devices of any kind are not permitted in the studio. and there are no facilities provided to hold or store personal property.

* SPECIAL ASSISTANCE: If you, or someone attending with you, uses a wheelchair or for another reason may require assistance, please notify us by email: [email protected] Many studios are able to arrange space for up to two wheelchairs or guests that have difficulty with stairs on the studio floor along with one attendant. Accommodations may be limited and offered on a first-come basis. Amenities that may or may not be provided are at the discretion of the show's production company, the studio facility, the studio security department and/or the Fire Marshal.


Soundstages are usually kept cool so you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater. Some shows featuring the audience on camera (AFV, etc.) may require dressy attire as a condition for admission. Specific instructions, if any, will be on the studio map that you printed with this ticket. Metal detectors may be in use at entrances and all vehicles and persons are subject to search. By accepting this ticket, and in consideration of being admitted to the named program, the holder, for him/herself and his/her party, irrevocably consents to abide by the rules and regulations of our company, the show's production staff, the studio facility and studio security and agrees to release the producers, production company, network, sponsors, studio facility, law enforcement, studio security personnel, Audiences Unlimited, Inc., and all associates or divisions of the above named from any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property or for infringements of any rights or from any or all claims for reimbursement for lodging, lost wages, travel expenses and/or any transportation costs, and permits the above named to use his/her names, voices, likenesses and all reproductions thereof in all media for all purposes without limitation. Privilege of admission and presence in audience and/or studio property for this, and any future shows, is revocable at any time for any reason. Free TV tickets may be distributed in excess of studio capacity. Admission is not guaranteed.

All show dates and times are subject to change or cancellation. Updates will be posted on our website. If you cannot attend this show, please email: [email protected] to cancel your tickets.

COMPLIMENTARY TICKET - Sale is prohibited by law: L.A.M.C. 42.03

* The suggested check in time for most shows is no less than 60 minutes prior to show time; however, some require a 90 minute prior check in time as noted on your ticket. Some shows may take three or more hours to film so please allow enough time for your visit to the studio.