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Tuesday8/18/15Crowded5:00 PM  
Tuesday8/18/15Dr. Ken6:00 PM  
Tuesday8/18/15Dr. Phil9:30 AM  
Tuesday8/18/15Last Man Standing6:00 PM Sold Out!
Tuesday8/18/15The Big Bang Theory6:30 PM Sold Out!
Tuesday8/18/15The Big Bang Theory - STANDBY6:30 PM Sold Out!
Wednesday8/19/15Dr. Phil9:30 AM  
Thursday8/20/15Fuller House4:30 PM Sold Out!
Friday8/21/15Baby Daddy6:00 PM  
Friday8/21/15Liv And Maddie5:00 PM Sold Out!
Friday8/21/15Mom6:30 PM  
Friday8/21/15The Thundermans5:00 PM Sold Out!
Saturday8/22/15America’s Funniest Videos1:00 PM  
Saturday8/22/15America’s Funniest Videos4:00 PM  
Monday8/24/15Dr. Phil9:30 AM  
Tuesday8/25/152 Broke Girls5:00 PM  
Tuesday8/25/15Crowded5:00 PM  
Tuesday8/25/15Dr. Ken6:00 PM  
Tuesday8/25/15Dr. Phil9:30 AM  
Tuesday8/25/15Last Man Standing6:00 PM  

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