Studio Information And Map
Studio-Manhattan Beach Studios
Address-Manhattan Beach, CA
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STUDIO ADDRESS: 1600 Rosecrans Ave., Manhattan Beach

AFV WEEKDAY AUDIENCE PARKING: Complimentary audience parking will be available at the Westdrift Hotel, 1400 Park View Ave. Enter self parking (Garage B) and park on the roof top or as directed. Exit the structure and you’ll find an adjoining gate between the hotel and the studio. Walk east down Parkview Ave. to the gate.

AFV WEEKEND (SATURDAY/SUNDAY) AUDIENCE PARKING: Free audience parking is available in the studio’s on-lot parking structure. Go south on Redondo (from Rosecrans) and enter at the main gate Visitor Lane - on your right at the end of Redondo.

AUDIENCE INFORMATION / DRESS CODE: The studio audience at AFV appears on camera and appropriate dressy attire is required. Jackets/dress shirts and slacks preferred for men. Absolutely NO casual attire please - including: jeans, shorts, leggings, tshirts, solid white shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, beach wear or hats, and please do not wear clothing with large photos, words or logos that may appear on camera. Guests not dressed appropriately may be denied admission. Cellphones, cameras and pagers are NOT permitted in the studio. Please leave cellphones in your car or at home and do not bring them to check in. For security purposes, once on set and seated in the audience, we ask that you do not leave your seat or step onto the stage at any time unless escorted by a staff or crew member.  Failure to comply will result in removal from the studio.

The maps provided on our website and included with the tickets
that you print show the general location of the studio facility and include important
studio specific parking and check in information. For more detailed maps and/or driving directions,
you may select a link to one of the websites below and enter the studio address posted above.

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